New to Fly Fishing looking for some guidence

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Hey all,
Im looking to find some areas(Not someones spots or honey holes) to fly fish in Broward, Palm Beach or in the Indian River. Like I said Im new to the sport although have fished over 40 yrs. My 15 yr old son just got into fly fishing as well. Any help or guidance would be much appreciative.
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  • FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
    Same places you fish with light artificials IMHO. Just try to do more sight casting and less blind casting.
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    Try fishing at night or hiring a guide first. Fishing during the day I call it a day of a thousand casts because you mostly have to cast blindly. At night the fish congregate around the lights especially the ones with current. Each cast at night is basically sight casting to each fish. Match the hatch. If small shrimp are in the water, throw small shrimp imitations, small polar fiber minnows, & small, medium size steamers, white or with chartreuse are good ways to start. Make sure the hooks are strong enough, to hold a slot fish. bending hooks with just bend out of the fishes mouth. Throw bigger streamers in the shadow lines at the bridges or around docks & bridge fenders. Better hang on. The leader should taper, Straight thirty works too. The line will just lay over better when casted if tapered. I also use a leader as long as the rod, maybe less than a foot longer. Thirty tippet is good, you will get more bites on 20 pound, but will have to finesse them in more. It is a bit more sporty. Good Luck.
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    You're advising a new fly caster and his 15 yr old new fly caster son to try fly casting at night? :crossed

    Some good advice, but maybe not for him. I heartily agree with your last sentence, tho.
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    Then start tying your own flies...and then it's all over and soon your wife will think you should be seeking professional help before long.
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