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12/17 Totally Hooked fishing team Slams Bimini Wahoo

Totally HookedTotally Hooked Posts: 599 Officer
Totally Hooked fishing team Slams Bimini Wahoo. After hearing Westend was a little slow. We decided to try it alittle. South. So we hauled the boat to Boynton inlet and headed south East. After check in at North Bimini we headed out. and it was on fire. Then it just shut off. So we headed back to the Big Game Room spent the night and headed back to the same area in the morning. And it was on fire again for about 2 hours. Then ran back to Boynton. Calm seas and killer music with 2 boxes full of wahoo. My Best wahoo trip ever. The old girl 31 tender performed like a dream. Enjoy pics.

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