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Fall fishing

After chasing tarpon since Spring, I figure it was time to switch gears, well mostly...
Here's a report from the few Times I've been able to get out this Fall. Spent more time laying pergo and painting than fishing...
1st day of Fall made it out of my closest port, Bayport (Hernando Co.) looking for the 1st showing of the big reds. No big reds but we found cobia softly popping baits in 2-3' on the way to another reds flat...saw one, threw gulp jerkbait and was on before it hit bottom, saw it all...landed 1/3 on redfish tackle; my buddy lost one that was in the 40-50 lb class.
this one was 32-1/2"

My son and I fish the Everglades with Capt Bob LeMay on Oct. 14th. went 1/2 on afternoon outgoing tide tarpon

On 10/20 we fished Tarpon Springs area for reds. crawled into 18" shut down a few hundred yards from fish, trolled another 200 yards til the blade would not spin, then pushed some more til we could not move and were in about 7-8 inches so were the fish. First cast we doubled up. all nice fish. no underslots. one overslot.

We landed about 7 or 8 in the 2 hr window we had there.

Did not get back out for a while...on Nov 17 fished Clearwater dunedin and palm harbor for reds this time on the outgoing so we had a narrow window before we had move out or be stuck. I think this day we caught more than a dozen (I caught that many myself). all fish were mid to upper slot this day except one 30"er.

xmuskyguide (Ted) offered to take me out of Crystal River on Dec. 7 for reds. He put us on schools of fish for most of the outgoing morning tide. He landed a few and I caught a couple as well. finicky sublte bight. not rod bending drag ripping hits. Trout bite was off and fish were dinks.

Dec 14. fished st. Joseph sound/anclote area for reds. Fog was thick and there was no water on our. After Breakfast at Benedicts we got on the water about 8. crept through the fog for a few miles, got to our flat had to troll onto it and then push to get to fish as tide pushed up we would push too til we 'd get stuck, repeating til we got all the way to shoreline. tough full moon changing pressure bight, but fish were there and we managed a few each. All nice fish 24" and over. Saw a couple sheepshead in about a foot of water threw to them and bam, we both got one. they were 16" and 19". Fog rolled in real heavy again by lunchtime so we called it a short day.

here's what happens to em:


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