Recommended Guides Pine Island/St. James City

Who would be some of the recommended guides on Pine Island, preferably out of St. James City. Backcountry/flats (snook, redfish, trout, etc.). I'm an experienced inshore fisherman from the east coast (Titusville area) and would appreciate any recommendations of the best, Thanks..


  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 757 Officer
    Couple names come to mind, no particular order....
    dave andrews (
    gary jenkins (
    nate maynard (maynard charters )
    dave holzauer (

    If you decide you want to try your hand at offshore, give me a call 33 Ft World Cat Tournament Edition Catamaran
    Offshore Fishing Charters FT Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral
  • PilchardPilchard Posts: 1,373 Officer
    Don't limit yourself to pine island guides. Most any captain in fort myers will pick you up in st James.

    If you want a good one from pine island call Cory McGuire.
  • mav015mav015 Posts: 45 Deckhand
    second vote on Corey
    great captain stand up dude
  • movingtoFLmovingtoFL Posts: 83 Deckhand
    John Conway
  • JoesarantiJoesaranti Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    I would whole heartedly recommend Captain Tom Carter!
  • JH64JH64 Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    mav015 wrote: »
    second vote on Corey
    great captain stand up dude

    + 3 for Cory best of the best.
  • PolarBeerPolarBeer Posts: 113 Officer
    I'm an active fisherman from St. Augustine but was invited down to Placida this weekend by an old college buddy who has a condo down there. My buddy keeps kayaks down there but he, myself, and another old bud decided to yak fish Friday and get a guide for Saturday. We did well in catfish creek area on yaks on Friday but absolutely crushed it with Capt Jesse Beye yesterday. All three of us caught slams and must have caught 30-40 trout between us. We caught a decent amount of snook but the reds were the toughest to find until my buddy and I doubled up on them at the last hole to complete our slams. Jesse was very personable, worked hard to put us on the fish and moved around enough to target all three species. We fished live shrimp and artificials with great success. We will definitely book him again next year.
  • kellerclkellercl Posts: 3,852 Captain
    I've been out with Dave Andrews 3 times, amazing guide and an amazing person. I couldn't recommend Dave enough. He does an amazing job.
  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
  • Red-ManRed-Man Posts: 331 Deckhand
    Falling tide charters all the way. I went on a tarpon trip with Corey this past summer and he will definitely put you on the fish.
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