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Snook at Night

From the beginning of November until now, I've been hitting main bay (not canal) dock lights between 6:30 and 8:30 PM. I have only been fishing the lights with visible snook/dark shadows. I typically throw my leftover bait from the day (always alive). There are mostly greenies and small pinfish. I can literally throw the bait in front of their faces and they want nothing to do with it. Usually I can always count on a snook eating a greenie on sight...during the day at least. I have NOT tried live shrimp at night yet, thoughts? Maybe throw top-water bomber's or top-pup's? If anyone could help provide input, it would be greatly appreciated!



  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 1,001 Officer
    You're too early. Go out there and fish it at starting around 10-11PM onward. Be very stealthy. Do not throw in the light but outside and work the bait slowly through. Fish open bail with live bait with #2 Owner live bait hooks. This time of year as the water starts to cool shrimp are hard to beat especially the Live Target or DOA.
  • DoubleD!DoubleD! Posts: 18 Deckhand
    Or better yet, fish at 2 or 3 am!! Very snooky out at that time.
  • MoscadorMoscador Posts: 41 Deckhand
    Fish the outgoing in strong water flow areas after dark. I can go out to my dock light at 9 pm on a high tide and there are only a few trout milling around, I check the light at 3 am on the outgoing and I can hear the snook popping before I get out of the back door!
  • sas0061sas0061 Posts: 88 Deckhand
    Thanks for the advice, heading out Sunday Morning 2:30 am for the start of the outgoing. Will report the news.
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