Gettin tight on the MEAT WAGON

So 12/12 we decide to charge east in the cat.. I roped up a fun pack of mullet and some surprise croakers and clear BI around 930 AM. We set up in 300 and drift quickly into 220. Greenhorn on the boat sees color under the boat. Without missing a beat, he drops a fat mullet on the midrange rod down to the potential fish and gets tight immediately. Drag peels and a BIG cow leaps out nearly boatside. The rod he hooked it on light jigging rod so i told him the bit about it being a marathon rather than a sprint. He took that statement to heart and 30 minutes later we get color on the sounded cow. We bring the fish up to the point where its 30 feet under the boat and nice bull swims up and starts doing what he does. I toss a handful of cut mullet and begin reeling my flatline in to get it in his face. Before that happens, my buddy Jeff, captain of the Meat Wagon, drops a fresh croaker. Bull looses intrest in the hooked female and trainwrecks the croak before it gets one fathom down. ROASTED! Bull jumps like a nut near the boat and he finally takes enough line off so i can get a gaff in the cow without tangles. Got her in the box just in time to take the bull. Good hook and in the boat. High fives and budweisers all around, and we head in.
12/13 im at the beach with my remaining croaks at sunrise trying to pop a snuke. I take note of the laked out ocean. Jacks ravage my two croaks before a snook finds em so i ride over to jeffs house to see if i can convince him to gas up the boat and ride. Really not a tough feat to accomplish and we are baited up riding out of Boca about 10:30. With such a flat ocean in front of us we decide to do some running and gunning despite out luck in close the day before. we troll out to about 1300' with nothing good going on except for one free jumpin sail in about 700' and a weak line in 1000 foot. Once we get out to **** near sword ground we swing around and head SW back toward Boca. We agree to go troll that weak weeds and if nothing, roll back to the reef. We begin troll on thicker part of the weed with some debris and i spot a small schoolie we almost ran over. he wants to keep trollin and i want to hop in and sling some steel. we troll by the fish. NO EAT. HE swings around, brings em in and drops me on the line and he begins to chum and live bait next to me. Immediately im chasing cows unintersted in the **** or live bait. While chasing the cow my float line gets tangled in the weeds and debris and i am horsing a hundred pound of weeds now. I look at the boat and look down the line and see a very big bull with 3 cows about 20 yards away also uninterested in the live bait which is also in my peripheral. I try to make my way calmly and remember tangle predicament i start yanking on it trying to clear it while keeping an eye on the big bull. somehow in comes free and hawk the fish down got as close as he'd let me and let one fly. "rolled him" i say to myself and i swim to retrive the lifeless fish. i bring it to boat and ask jeff for my shaft back to go get those cows. no dice they kept keeping distance. Shot bull was probably 30# what do you guys think? crazy day out deep and one i wont soon forget. Oh and the bull had 3 chicken dolphin in its belly two of those fishes tails we visible upon opening the beasts mouth.


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