Rigid Industries RDS-40 Curved LED lights

probate-rprobate-r Posts: 269 Deckhand
I have an older ACR spotlight mounted on the hardtop of my boat. We spend a good bit of time running after dark and I am always concerned with hitting something that sneaks in under the radar (literally). The ACR is no longer working and I am considering replacing it with another ACR spotlight or one of the Rigid Industries 40" curved LED fixed mount lights. Both are going to be expensive options, running about $1k give or take. But I can't find any first hand experiences with the the Rigid RDS Marine LED series on boats. Anyone ever seen them in use or at the boat show? If so, does the beam spread vertically too much and cause wash out the front of the boat at all? Any suggestions?
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  • phantom561phantom561 Posts: 240 Deckhand
    Before you pull the trigger on rigid take a look at black oak led's. They're made in Florida and every bit as quality made as rigid for much less money.
  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 269 Deckhand
    Thanks Phantom. I'll look them up.
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