Topwater Reds and big Trout Day 12/12

BillyBilly ChassahowitzkaPosts: 2,727 Captain
Slipped out for a few hours yesterday with Windsplitter (Captain Duane) to catch a few reds. Fog was a mess, even though we waited until late to leave, so we figured we'll do some trout fishing waiting for the fog to lift.

Trout were cooperative and we put five in the cooler all over 18 with one at 22. It slowed down a bit and we went for reds.

Duane was convinced yesterday was a good topwater day so he was throwing it while I used my usual soft jerk bait. Duane scores a really nice trout a few misses and starts getting reds on top.

Nothing like watching a big ole red hammer a topwater over an oyster bar in two foot of water.

I managed to get a couple reds on the jerk bait, it was getting late, so we headed in. We put two reds in the cooler at 24, eight trout smallest at 18, and released eight more reds. The smallest reds were the 24's we kept.

A few fish to prove we caught fish. Nice day as always with Duane.

I forgot to take a cooler shot so this is a substitute, I took time out from cooking fish the other day, and snapped a picture of RuffOne (Tom) having a girly drink complete with his pink paper umbrella. :grin

"And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."


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