Chassahowitzka River 12/10/16

Back from a quick camping weekend at Chassahowitzka. Perfect weather, beautiful area, and we had a great time. Rented canoes Saturday, had a nice lazy paddle down stream, then battled the wind and current back. The current wasn't too strong but in canoes with coolers and kids it was a serious workout on the return. Full moon and low tide meant the river depth was 1 foot or less in spots, not to mention all the rocks, trees and thick grass. We got the canoes stuck several times, and I was amazed that a few boats with outboards were running out to the Gulf. We saw tons of mullet, small snappers, birds, manatees, bait fish, its really a cool environment. The kids wore out the 6" snapper using dead shrimp, they easily caught 50+. We saw a guy near the boat ramp catch a big bass that had to be pushing 5lbs. No more than 2 miles from the ramp where the water tasted mostly fresh I was bouncing a paddle tail soft bait near the bank and had my fishing highlight:


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