Wahoo in the Abacos!

Hey guys,
Just had a fishing trip of a lifetime and wanted to share some meat photos with you all! We were over for a guys trip in Treasure and did a few days of spearfishing, HS trolling, and bottom fishing. We produced a fair amount of meat over the 6 day trip, but the best was our first day of HS trolling. Everything was caught in the early morning tide change and these boys were hungry! We caught a total of 12 wahoo over the trip, but the bite shut down on the last day with the current change and the water turning brown! The biggest fish was 93#, followed by 57#, and a handful of upper 30# fish. The all fought well and tasted even better! Glad to have some wahoo back in my freezer! The ocean has been horrible back home in West Palm Beach and way to rough to fish!

Tight lines!
- Chris


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