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Freakin insanely low prices for land these days

Hey y'all

I've grabbed up a few super cheap parcels in FL. No agents to go through: these are for sale by owner. I slashed prices for the holidays.

1. Jackson County, FL. 1.12 acres, $1999. Compass Lake in the Hills ---- if you don't know about Compass Lake, it's an amazing recreational lake perfect for fishing.

2. Okeechobee County, FL. 1.25 acres, $4999. This is right by the Kissimmee River. The river is teeming with bass, catfish and a wide variety of panfish.

Give me a call: 865-274-1576

Or hop over to the website where you'll find listings: openroadland.com
“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” -- Aldo Leopold

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