25 feet of water off NPR

About 15 miles NW of NPR in 25 fsw - temps around 68 so a bit chilly in a 3 mil and crappy hood. I hate hoods.

Water viz about 15 feet vertical and 20+ horizontal, and little cloudy.

VERY fishy - the gags and sherpa are all in now, and on both drops we saw TONS of jewfish - I've never seen so many in one place - there must have been at least 20 that I saw, often swimming just outside of our little area, tracking and following us, and there were many stacked up inside culverts, 2-3 in each. Maybe spawn?

The 5 of us did quite well, and Cuzza got his personal best sherpa (monster one - must have been at least 7 pounds) and Tim got his first gag, a 32" monster.

Hogs were few and small, got one lionfish, and some decent mangos.





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