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WOW Florida Lobster

From my Keys days at my age cannot do it anymore. My lady found some lobster in a sealed box in our freezer, how it was there do not ask. The date on the packages, was 2006 +- It had been frozen in either a freezer bag with tap water or a vacuum sealer with some tap water and or double bagged with water and each tail wrapped in a plastic wrap. I decided to cook it any way. Thawed and very little or NO freezer burn and the shells still looked like fresh or short term frozen lobster. I took the meat out and cleaned up what looked, well old, and soaked in butter and garlic and at last minute poured some lemon juice on it and then to the grill. NO it was not great but still was more than edible, a little dry, perhaps form slightly over cooking but tasted OK. My lady then took it and cut chunks and put it into a garlic and spicy pasta cream sauce served with a spagette . I could not believe that it was still almost OK, and I did not die of some strange intestinal disease.


  • SHELLFISHSHELLFISH Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Great to hear that you salvaged the Lobster! They freeze really well!
    Question: Before you froze the tails was the Lobster cooked?
    The reason I ask is I bought some frozen uncooked tails at Publix. The meat was sticking to the shells and was dry. Not that tasty at all!
    I used to Lobster off CT and froze a lot of Lobster meat but I always steamed it first and then froze. It always tasted great!
  • lakemanlakeman Posts: 802 Officer
    Lobster were fresh frozen, from the boat to the freezer.

    By the way we did this same Keys trip every for over 30 years, so we learned, in our opinion, the best way to freeze lobster. I might add, that some times Florida bay lobster, is almost cooked from the heat of the shallow warm water so it was a challenge to get it frozen as quickly as possible.
  • lbudlbud Posts: 1,014 Officer
    Best to Roll tail in Ball wrap in doubled Hd Reynolds wrap then vac pack..
    Live while You're breathing! It's Your only chance.....:grin
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