Sea Tow vs. Boat US

There have been several threads over the years discussing which is better -- Sea Tow or BoatUS -- and everyone seems to have their favorite. I've looked at each and found little difference in listed benefits, and membership costs are similar, but I've never bitten the bullet. However, it may be time.

I've been favoring BoatUS, primarily due to the proximity of a BoatUS port (a tow boat docks at the marina where my boat is stored). At Sam's Club this afternoon, I found SeaTow membership for $39; didn't notice any coverage restrictions on the description card.

Worth a shot?


  • TampaCTTampaCT Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    To me, the trailer assist is the biggest part of Boat US that I like.
  • tomkrastomkras Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    You need to check that price. Sea Tow membership is $179 per year. If you can really get 1 year unlimited for $39, run don't walk before they're gone. Boat US is $169 per year. I like it because you also get 4% in rewards from West Marine.
  • SouthernWayzSouthernWayz Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I use Geico Marine insurance. If I am not mistaken they bought one or both of them out. I simply call Geico if stranded on water or land and they dispatch BoatUS or SeaTow depending on who is closer. Runs me 40 dollars a year for water and trailer.
  • SofthammerSofthammer Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    That's good to know. Was looking to change my insurance. I'll have to call Geico.
  • jdl1948jdl1948 Posts: 99 Greenhorn
    I finally got back to Sam's Club a few days ago, bought the membership deal @ $35, enrolled as directed. The membership sold by Sam's is the regular full membership that goes for $160 or so. Too good to pass up, even with towing covered by other insurance (with an upfront payment, as opposed to SeaTow's "free" tow). Bought one for my son, also.
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