CR 11/19 Grouper on the troll

Headed out early Saturday hoping to find the elusive calm wind and seas. Seems like every time this year I can get out the wind is there to greet me with 15-20 or more. Headed out to a spot 15 miles or so to troll a few rock piles in 20ft range and deployed the plugs by 8am. Nothing but a few shorts on rocks that have always produced well. After a few hours ran shallow to some spots in about 10ft, nothing. I mean nothing happening. Few hours there and we run back to first spot where we were at least picking up a few shorts. Another hour goes by and nothing. Figure would stray away from my rocks and look for new areas and trolled West about 1/2 mile or so. 1 PM get doubled with a short and 29 incher on a small drop off from 20ft to 25ft. Kept circling back around the same area and almost every pass we hooked up. Finished with about 15 total grouper with 6 keepers between the 3 of us. 29, 27, 25, 25, 27, and a 33 inch to end the trip. Fire Tiger and mackerel Rapalas did the trick.


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