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Canoe/Decoys/Waders - in Miami

I'm selling your basic STA starter kit.
  • Fiberglass 16' canoe. $245
  • Cabelas breathable waders, shoe size 9.5 (the waders are a size 9, but they fit my fat 9.5 feet very comfortably). Barely used, in excellent++ condition. Make a fair offer
  • Waders for a kid, size 6. They're non-camo trout fishing waders but work fine. Cabelas breathable, excellent condition, barely used. Make a fair offer.
  • A dozen mallard decoys w/ lines, weights, & bag. $45

Want to make a deal for the package? I'm your huckleberry. Not required. Pick & choose whatever works for you.

Will consider firearms related stuff in trade. Need a 12 gauge, for example.

Send me an email through forum for more info & pics. Located in Miami right near Tropical Park.
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