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Best Time for Bonefish in Bahamas

DoralDoral Posts: 14 Greenhorn
Does anybody know when is the best time of the year for Bonefish in Bahamas?


  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    When I was fishing a tournament in Cat Island a couple of guys would go out and catch a few everyday on fly. That was at the end of April and beginning of May.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    IMO, there is no "best time" because if certain conditions are met in terms of the fish, then the possibility of success exists. Roughly, these are: water temperature above 70 dgrees, and enough water on the flats for the fish themselves. Then there are the conditions that need to be met for the angler. Roughly, this is the wind velocity vs his ability to manage his fly tackle.

    Ideal conditions can be had some where at some time, 365 days of the year. But basically, the same principle applies.....the later into the Spring you get, the better chances for manageable wind velocities. However, better too are the chances for (mid-day) unfavorable high water and water temps. It's just like the Keys. It's just like Mexico/Belize too.

    Personally, I prefer April/May through September/October, depending on the year. During the heat of Summer, I may be relegated to fishing only early in the morning and then again near sunset until near dark, but I can live with that. I am very content to sit in the shade at the bar and down a fresh grouper sandwich and some beers/margaritas (both?) while the bonefish and permit sweat in the tropical sun.

    What I decidedly don't like, are the Winter months of late November, to at least mid-February, and this is only due to the general lack of water on the flats, coupled with the increased chance for cold water due to frontal systems.

    I'm just glad that gone are the days when outdoor writers would come to Florida or the Bahamas in May or June....have a great trip, take pictures and write their article....TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE NOVEMBER-FEBRUARY ISSUES OF THE $#%@&* MAGAZINES!!!!! Joe Blow reader and all his buddies think that these are the best months to fish for bonefish/permit/tarpon! :banghead
  • WPHornWPHorn Posts: 60 Deckhand
    I head to Andros next week for my 18th visit there over the past 12 years (fish Mangrove Cay and the Middle/South Bights from the Mangrove Cay Club or Seascape Inn). My comments are based on those experiences. As Permit Rat stated, bonefish on the flats is weather dependent and you can have great or rotten weather anytime you go. In fact, my worst trip ever to Andros was in May one year -- an unusual late season cold front came through, stalled, and it blew 20-25 (and was cool) for a week; worked hard to catch half a dozen bones for the whole week when half a dozen is a routine morning there when conditions are good. Having said that, I would recommend May and November as the "best" months. May because the more stable summer weather should be settling in but its not yet real hot which limits the fishing to the early AM and sunset. November because its usually post-hurricane, pre-winter cold front, the cooler fall water gets the big fish active (just like in the Keys), and most Bahamas bones have been ignored since June and come readily to the fly. Of course, bad weather can nail you every time so the bottom is go when you can and pray for good weather.
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