Tarpon and Gags

It has been a pretty interesting fall this year. The water temp is really not quite what it should be and as result we have been able to successfully target tarpon into the middle of November. The next front will certainly push them out but we have had a fun time catching fish the past few weekends. The fish have been eating live pinfish very well. The pinfish spawn is about to happen so there are massive schools of them up in the bay. This happens every year and you can find schools of thousands of pinfish on the edges of flats. The tarpon have been pretty cooperative until the tide starts to really rip, at that point it seems like they settle down and do not feed as much. My good buddy Ben shows off a nice late season tarpon below.

The water has also gotten pretty clear and we jumped in to shoot some gags in the bay as well. There are some pretty big fish around which is a good sign. We got 27, 33 and 34inchers with another few pulled off. Hopefully we don't get any crazy weather and can take advantage of the season staying open until Dec 31 this year. Freediving is an easy way to get close to the weary gag. Thank god for friends because all of my fish ripped off the shaft :)

Get out there and catch some fish. This time of year can be great. It is not everyday you can catch tarpon and go spearfishing for big grouper in the same day.


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