11/10/16 Key West Reef Fishing

It was a bit bumpy but was manageable as the day progressed. Ran out close to Toppinos Buoy just South of Key West and anchored at 90' Just on the outside of the reef/bar. It was a Yellowtail and Cero Mackeral day with Pilchards being the key for both. The Yellowtails would only hit cut up pieces of Pilchards (we had a fresh caught Bonito but they would not touch it). The Cero's were easy to catch with a live Pilchard and a small trace of wire. We just threw out a few chummers every once in a while to keep them interested. They Yellowtails were all nice size ranging from 14-19 with only a couple of undersize. The Cero's were up to 24". Been catching Cero's at the Atlantic side channel outlets right off the flats, inside the reef, on the reef, and outside the reef. Great eats.
Youtube - KEY WEST KAYAK FISHING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGY6yxE8kogYHKXisMhA2w
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