Ladies and Cocktails

9 Nov 2016...Wabasso...Good/lousy day. Tried the spoil islands to the North looking for Pompano. Started up 4 and worked South. Slot and short Trout were pretty thick, Had 10 slots for the day and lost track of shorts. Made three islands South before the herd showed up, boat on every island. A lot of small Snapper and Pinfish in the mix. Had one line ripper, pulled the hook. Matrix shad was really working today. With the island that I like occupied, pulled and ran to the ICW side of Preachers. Small trout, a 16 inch Rat Red and small Snook. No sign of the primary target for the day, Catfish. Never want to hear a yaker carp about boat wakes. First one was in the 2 to 3 foot range, next one was just a tad bit lower, that is part of the risk when you fish near the ICW. Time to check an old spot, cuts off to the side, made one, but boats already in the next 2. On to Johns Island, nothing on the islands, Sheepie hunting time. They are starting to get a lot bigger, out of 7 brought in, 2 were in the 16 inch range, no shorts. Flying saucers are present, hooked into one that was at least 20 inches, lost, pulled the hook trying to stop it. It was working right to left away from the dock, normally they will continue in that direction and head to deep water. Not today, hard turn and straight for the dock. Got a good shot at 2 more in the 20 inch plus range, but did not get a hook set. Baby Vudu Shrimp still working good. Fun time over, head for the ramp. Stop at Hobart Landing. Wind and current right for a good drift. Time for Ladies and Cocktails. Chug Bug and Arashi Top Walker working hard. First drift, Bluefish and Ladies. Next drift, Bluefish and ladies on the bait caster, as suspected, Trout are also in the mix, getting the cadence back with it. Blues were in the 2 to 3 pound range, biggest Lady was 22 inches to the fork. Finish the day at the island, more slot Trout, lost a big one, too much pressure, pulled the hook. Everything released for a future trip.


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