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Finally brought my canoe up north

After a few months of procrastination I finally made the trip down to Miami to get the canoe my pops doesn't use any more. I've caught a lot of fish from that 169 Discovery down south and figured it's time to slime it up here in the north east.

I've been doing pretty well from land, from bull reds to upper slot reds at George Crady to decent flounder at my secret (not really it's the "other" bridge in that area). Figured the canoe would add another dimension to my capabilities up here with the countless creeks to fish.

Looking to take it out with the wife this Friday, just trying to figure out areas to go with this sucker. It's a lot tougher in the canoe vs kayak if there's wind/current, anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of Guana or White Shell, haven't seen any reports on Guana lately and I know Whiteshell has been decent on the trout bite.
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