Been dragging on fish reports - the last week in Pine island. WINDY but Steady pick

Been fishing early trying to stay out of the wind. Getting out in the dark. Snook bite has been steady on outgoing tide in the dark/grey light. Pick bite on 15" - 32" snook fishing dark color 5" swim baits rigged weedless. Getting slot fish every other day or so. On to red fishing once it gets a bit lighter. Getting some slot as well as overslot fish daily on same baits but white/silver. Mostly fishing around mullet schools, some blind casting and fishing points.

Was my birthday the other day and got nice slot fish so I took my first snook ever home. Tasted good. Been blackening up some redfish on a regular basis and even made some ceviche yesterday. Good eats lately.

Fishing isn't on fire but getting a couple decent fish every day. Some slams as well as the trout seem to be showing up in incidental by catch now. Usually done by 10 AM as it is gross windy by then. All fish caught on east side of northern Pine Island as I have been making short protected runs. Get out there. There are fish to be had.


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