Yankeetown Reds and Trout

I haven't posted in a while but I feel like I should get you guys caught up over the next couple of days. I went fishing out of Yankeetown on Friday and I have the rest of the week off so my plan is to do as much fishing as possible.

Friday was a pretty good day. Got up nice and early and hit the water as the sun was coming up. Went to an area that I haven't fished in a while but thought how the tide was set up and the weather conditions were, I should have some success. As I shut off the motor and trolled closer to the area I wanted to target, I saw mullet jumping, tails popping out of the water, and wakes being made by some good looking redfish. I cut off the trolling motor drifted a little closer and on my second cast, fish on! For the next hour, this trend continued. I ended up landing a total of 9 redfish and lost one that seemed to be bigger than all the others I had caught.

After fishing for Reds for an hour, the tide starting falling and I needed to make a decision. I thought to myself, I haven't caught trout in a while so I went out to the grass flats. The wind was virtually nothing, and it was glass all the way to the horizon. Got to one of my spots and starting casting. One after another, caught trout after trout. Overall it was a great day!

All the Redfish caught were between 21"-24"
Most of the trout caught were between 15"-20"


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