Homosassa Offshore to 40 Feet

11/4/2016 Left out of the river with Howard and Joe at 7:30 am. Picked up live baits in 10ft. and again in 20ft. An assortment of grunts, squirrels, and pinners. Ran out to about 40 ft and slow trolled live baits across a half dozen numbers that produced last year this time. Lots of shows on and just above the bottom, but no groups. Picked up a double on our last attempt. One short and one 26". On the books...! Decided to troll on the 30 and blanked running across several numbers in a couple different areas. No nothing. No lizards, no nada. With daylight running out (4:00) we ran to 26ft. set up up current of a rock pile that produced well last year. Anchored up, set out the chum bags and aggressively chummed with chopped up bait fish. Picked up one 12" mango, 4 groups, and about 40 to 50 grunts. Some of which were a good pound and a half. The groupers were !8, 22 ,26 and 27". Used live baits and dines with the tails cut off. Fished for an hour and a half and headed home at 5:00 with a 45 minute run to get in. Smooth seas/winds in the morning and one and half to two NWN to come home to. Lots to learn, Life's Good......
BTW.....1st report. How do I post pics with captions below the photo to create a sense of chronology? Thanks in advance



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