Back On the Water

Been real busy lately and haven't had much time to devote to being on the water.. Only been out 3 times since the hurricane..

Hit the goon and was less than impressed.. Got a dink slam.. Nothin to write home about..




Went out a couple days ago after some convicts.. Slayed em, too bad all but 5 were throwbacks.. Still got some meat out of the deal..


Made sure to get out today and take advantage of that nice forecast.. Nailed my biggest snook on fly to date right off the bat.. He wasn't happy when I stuck him.. He put the thrusters on and was gone..


After that it was pretty slow.. Picked up a couple rat reds on spin gear.. Decided to start paddling back and about halfway to the launch I bump a literal acre of black drum.. I have never seen a school this big in my life, there were thousands.. The drumming was outrageous it was all you could hear.. I was ripping em left and right and the two guys who were well behind me caught up and I hollered at em to come on ever and bend a rod.. We sat there for two hours and had a ball.. The massive school fractured up and we had more than 10 schools of hundreds of individuals doing laps around this small area.. I have never seen so many drum in one small spot.. We had a bunch of double hookups and I ripped em on fly until my garbage casting rendered my leader too tangled to use then I switched to spin.. I stopped counting after 15 fish lol.. Also ended up with my personal best drum on fly as well.. The drummies saved a slow day for sure..






I think my new year's resolution will be to fish more because I have been slackin lately :rotflmao


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