Little late

Got out fishing the first weekend of October when my cousin was in town. He is from Maryland

Was lucky enough to go offshore on Saturday with a guy a met from the forum. Awesome guy, this was our third or four trip out together. First spot dropped a ruby red down on the grouper rod and pulled up a gag. Was really happy about this and so was Jeff, he hadn't had a grouper in the boat in awhile. Caught a fat trigger, a couple smaller ones and some sea bass. Oh but of course we had 12-15 endangered red snapper in the boat... Some nice ones too. (I cant upload the photo of the full days catch, any ideas?)

Sunday my cousin and I got up early and went out again. Second fish in the boat was this stud, first was a flounder.
My personnel record of a red 26.5" I've been fishing since I moved here for a red like this. After that excitement settled down we caught a bunch of trout some fatties too. I caught my first grand slam this weekend, I hope its the first of many. Again wont let me upload full day catch, any ideas?

All in all I would say it was an awesome weekend for my cousin and I.

I've been trolling the forum for awhile and just wanna say thanks to everyone's reports. I've met two guys that I need to get out with more. I read a lot of post and use everyone's tips to help me get fish into my boat.


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