10/30 back at Wac

I've been avoiding fishing at Wac for the most part since shortly after Hermine but it looked like the bite was picking up so I decided to see if it would produce for us as well. We got a fairly late start since there was a pretty strong morning low and fished most all of the incoming and into the slack tide. We started out working water that was basically too shallow and even if the fish were there and biting we'd never have caught them banging rocks and scraping bottom. The water was still going out hard too. I spent a little time drifting deep cuts and potholes for trout but they just weren't there which wasn't a big surprise since the water really isn't cool enough for them to be piled up in their strong cold weather spots yet. After we wasted some time out on the flats we ran to a creek where the water was coming in nicely and proceeded to catch plenty of good reds. Anna solidly outfished me because I was too stubborn to abandon the topwater bite. We basically caught mid slot reds on the entire drift through this creek and also several 15-18 inch trout. Anna had a snook follow her spoon to the boat too. I caught a few decent reds on topwater and I definitely caught more trout than she did, they couldn't resist the topwater spook. We decided since we had tons of water coming in that we'd work our way up as far as we could reasonably go until we couldn't even turn the boat around. Anna hooked a nice red right next to the boat where the creek got so skinny that we had to stop pushing in.



After that we ran out to some grass flats to see if there was a good trout bite out there. It wasn't hot but we landed a couple 15 and 18 inch fish out there in one drift before we had to leave. Fun day and good bite for only fishing one creek. Glad to see things have finally picked back up so I can resume fishing all my favorite places.


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