Prop for Moccasin 210 w/ Suzuki 200

gulfcoastgulfcoast Posts: 9 Greenhorn
I may have my numbers wrong, but I believe I heard Frank say he generally recommended the 26 or the 27 pitch props. Does anyone with a 210 Moccasin and the 200 Suzuki have an opinion on their prop choice? I have my Moccasin rigged pretty light, but I will be using it for pulling kids on inner-tubes so I was thinking I may need to go with a lower pitch but wanted to hear what others thought. Thanks.


  • Vinny lVinny l Posts: 323 Deckhand
    Ask Frank. The demo I ran had a 25 on it I think. Same boat same motor.
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,376 Officer
    The demo ran a Mercury Rev 4 in 25 pitch. It will work all around and ran extremely well. I'll be testing more props once I get my boat in a few weeks.
    But since the Suzuki has such a high gear ratio the motor likes big wheels. I wouldn't go lower than a 24 pitch but it depends on the type of prop.
    The Rev 4 is a stiff wheel and a Mercury Bravo LT will most likely need a 26 to 26.5 to spin the same as the REV 4 since it's blade geometry is different and generally easier to turn. Hope this helps.
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