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Question About Making Sausage



  • BluewaterfeverBluewaterfever Posts: 447 Deckhand
    Tons of good info, thanks for the tips.
    I have had a great season hunting also and have some ground venison that i make jerky and snack sticks with. The grind, from the processor, is the the regular size like you would get at your local supermarket for GB. I have used it for mixing up with Tennessee Pride or Jimmy Dean to make breakfast sausage. It comes out pretty good but still lacks the WOW, that's good factor. I really want to try using the fresh pork and seasonings like you all have described.
    I think the next deer I get ill have them do some course grind for the making of some grilling type sausages.
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  • RexLanRexLan Posts: 868 Officer
    Bulk breakfast sausage does not do well with a coarse grind IMHO. That is better suited to a link sausage. I prefer more like ground beef (7mm). Buy a boston butt (shoulder), square off the non-bone end a little then cut 3 full 1" steaks off of it. Grind the remainder and mix with some venison 60/40.

    Take those steaks and grill them on the BBQ. Mop twice with a light sauce and hang on for a huge surprise. The fat will render, they will be tender and man are they good!

    The best bulk breakfast sausage mix I have ever had is AC Legg's #10. Publix actually used to sell it and probably has it (they use it in theirs). It is ~ $4 and will do 20#'s. Mix as directed but add about 8% extra seasoning. You need a very good scale for this stuff and Amazon has several gram scales for $10 that are dead accurate.

    Make into patties and you will have some mighty fine sausage.

    I think Tennessee Pride and Jimmy Dean is near 50-60% fat ... source of the WOW!
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  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    Rex has some good advice. I do a lot of the same things. Leggs seasonings are a good place to start. I used to get free pork fat and buy the wet hog casings and seasonings from my local butcher. Last year he didn't have the pork fat saying that the pork he was getting in was leaner and he wasn't trimming it

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  • RexLanRexLan Posts: 868 Officer
    That is a fact for sure. Over the past 5 years or so the pork has got much leaner and there is not a lot of good trim. Used to be that just the trim made a great bulk sausage but not any more. I also suspect that a lot of the good back fat is being cut off and sold to the major players. I used to buy it and beef fat in 40# boxes in Alaska and it was about 25¢/lb. Grocery stores used to cut meat back then too and I could easily get 100# of either free in a week or two. Used to take it to the cabin where we spent the winter and processed our moose.
    Port Charlotte, Florida
  • BluewaterfeverBluewaterfever Posts: 447 Deckhand
    Thanks guys.
    I will use the regular grind for breakfast type sausage and try the coarse with the grilling type link sausage.
    Will be ordering some of the Leggs seasoning.
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