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LMKLMK Posts: 591 Officer
I have Navionics + running on a Simrad NSS EVO 7
My questions are about the updating functions. Right now the card has the entire coverage area for the nautical charts. I can update sonar logs and community edits using the bubbled box function within the area chosen.
Since the entire chart is loaded on it when new. It tells me when I check the box for nautical charts that there is not enough space on the card to load the entire coverage area. It tells me to erase charts and re-load.
What is confusing to me is the fact that all these charts now reside on this chip (8GB) and the entire area is listed as 6.05GB.
I have read through the knowledge articles on the site and just want some experienced user help here please.
Have you had to delete files and reload to get current chart data as well and what can you share with me please about this?
Thank you for any help,


  • LMKLMK Posts: 591 Officer
    Anybody out there this morning that can help?
    Thank you
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 857 Officer
    Part of the problem may be if you have a Navionics + card it's only a 2gb card. That card will come with the entire United States and Canada loaded on it map-wise but as far as the Sonar Charts that you are trying to update with that box, the card will only hold 2gb of data. In that case, you would have to delete one area in order to load another if you're at your 2 gb limit.
  • LMKLMK Posts: 591 Officer
    Thank you Mike for the help. The card has 8GB on it and when I look at the properties of the card on my PC it lists 8GB. I will go ahead and delete charts and reload the areas I use at this time. It makes some sense that the data for sonar charts would be large.
    I really Appreciate you writing me back!!
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 857 Officer
    Good luck. If you run into any trouble, please let me know.
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