Anyone ever fish Alans creek?

From behind the strip center on the frontage road off US 19? There aren't any no trespassing signs so it must be OK right? Just figured i would ask just in case it wasn't.:fishing

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  • FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
    I've been way back up in Allen Creek.

    Looks fishy, but I have never had any luck there.

    Very tide dependent IMHO.
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  • Slo Poke1Slo Poke1 Posts: 319 Deckhand
    I've never fished it for no other reason that I would never eat anything out of there.
  • Bottomfinder#1Bottomfinder#1 Posts: 1,021 Officer
    I fished there when I was growing up. Lots of fish in there. Just have to know what you are doing
  • mdiaczykmdiaczyk Posts: 135 Officer
    At the right time and water temp you can find redfish, trout, ladyfish, and sheephead
  • NewsaltNewsalt Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    I caught a really nice snook at the creek on Nursery. It's very dependent on tide as it's almost dry on low tide. Not sure how it would be now as I noticed they dredge it recently.
  • linesider 159linesider 159 Posts: 828 Officer
    Yes. You will probably weed through a lot of catfish and if you dont know where to cast you may be casting in 3 inches of water. You can give it a shot though, doesnt hurt to try
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  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    I spent a lot of time fishing Allen's creek as a teenager. I used to launch from the exact spot your talking about haven't in a long time but no one cared when it was an active strip mall, can't imagine anyone would now that it's just about dead.

    As mentioned above it can hold a variety of fish. As far as gamefish I've had the most success on snook in there. The best fishing was between the mouth right there at the bay up to belcher. What we used to do was bring a small cast net (a 4' is about perfect) net some chubs, finger mullet, mojara and slow troll them a long the mangroves while the tide is moving. If you've ever slow trolled with shiners for bass about the exact same process.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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