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Tunas in 100 feet trolling 10/14

Went out to get some cool shots of the new wrap with intentions to get a few fish from the bottom and possibly some of the Blackfins everyone has been getting. After spending a lot of time not finding much bait we ran out towards 150'. After seeing many birds crashing on bait I couldn't help but put out a 3 rod spread. Within 3 minutes the pink and white chugger started screaming! Definitely running like a tuna, however after a good run and some cranking he came loose . So we ran out to our destination getting some nice groupers and snappers, nothing crazy. On our way in after stopping several times chasing the birds we came across a very fishy area. Tons of birds, fish clearing the water, a big piece of bamboo, and "yellow gold" in the form of a ginormous weed patch that I have only seen in the keys. We immediately put the spread out and first pass 3 rods go off. 2 bonita and a nice blackfin. As we are getting them in the boat we come across a small school of peanut dolphin that would not eat. Went for another pass getting the spread out and once again 2 rods go off. Another blackfin and a bonita. Already being 3:30 and bossman having to get his kids we had to leave. 2 passes, 2 blackfin and a school of mahi. I would of bet we would run into more blackfins and pelagics had we had more time. Here are a couple pics of those fish:
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