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10/21 LWI Report - Lots of Phins

Started live bait fishing kite, balloon, etc. off the Dodge Wall in 120 with a drift to the south and east. Nada for almost 2 hours. Decided to pick up and run North off Lost Tree and started a drift in 200 on a nice color break. For the next 2 hours almost constant action on the blue runners and goggle eyes. Baits lasted about 10 - 15 min in the water before something was on it. Fishing alone and missed at least 4 phins and ended up with a 14, 8 and 7. Same drift to the south but a whole different game. Saw several folks trolling don't know how they did. Good day seeing jumping and lit up mahi all around the boat.

Fish the color break - crabs floating around in the water.


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