Who says vertical jigs are just for saltwater...

Since my Tortugas trip this summer I've been trying a 3/4 ounce pink and white BPS Freestyle jig every once in awhile in the backyard lake. I finally connected two weekends ago while fishing with my nephew. I asked if he wanted to fight the fish, but he said he would land it for me. The fish inhaled that jig, it was almost down its throat. Luckily I was able to get the hooks out without any damage to the fish. A few quick pics and back she went to grow even bigger. My nephew had a few fish on a Live Target Shiner too, but unfortunately they came unbuttoned. Hoping this cooler weather is getting them fired up again!


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,281 Officer
    Where I fish, usually Lake Lanier, GA, I always have a jigging spoon rigged on my deck. Using the locator I find some fish and drop the spoon. It's harder in FL where the water doesn't get over 10' deep and it's usually shallower.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,124 AG
    We used vertical jigging in the WP chain of lakes back when I was a kid.

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  • KrystalclearKrystalclear Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    nice catch!
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,704 Moderator
    Nice bass ! Cool catch on a vertical jig , not many in this neck of the woods use that presentation.
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