Yankeetown Reds

Headed out at 10:30 AM on Friday morning with the current ripping and the wind blowing must stronger than I was anticipating. I haven't been out since the hurricane and I heard the water got stirred up and was pretty dirty. So I decided to try a few new areas, get on the trolling motor, and cover a lot of ground with gulp shrimp on a 1/16 ounce jig head since I knew they would be spread out. After 30 minutes didn't see too much bait fish but managed to see a few reds pushing. Ended up landing a couple small reds using that method and loosing a big one at the edge of the boat. Around 12:00 PM made a move to another area where I have had some luck in the past to only come across a couple of guys pulling up oyster beds off the bottom, dropping them into the boat, and shucking them into buckets! This was pretty aggravating because 1) It is a beautiful place to fish and attracts a lot of fish on a daily basis and 2) They were making a lot of noise and where very load. I say all of that to say I wasn't very happy. But I guess I do have to thank them (kinda) because this forced me to head to a different area and land a couple of really nice Reds. Headed back in around 4:00 PM but all in all, a great day!


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