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Hillsboro Tails! 10-8

After all of the hoopla of the hurricane behind us, my fiancé and I decided to take advantage of the 2ft seas noaa predicted yesterday afternoon. Got to one of my spots around 70' at about 1:30pm to catch the last of the incoming tide. Current was ripping super, super hard and a dive boat decided to post up right in my slick. Ended up moving in a little shallower to around 55' (still up current of the structure) because of the current and to get some breathing room from the dive boat.

The move paid off. Chummed heavy for the next hour or so and the current finally slowed up enough to the desired level for tossing yellowtail jigs back in the slick. Finally got 'em fired up and it was on like donkey kong....only problem was the bonitas showed up thick too, slamming the ballyhoo in the slick and our jigs. My girl hooked into one of the biggest Bonita I've ever seen on a tiny yellowtail jig and pleaded that I commandeer the rod shortly after the drag started screaming. I landed him after a good 10 minute fight, which was a hell of a battle on a little 4000 sized baitrunner and 12lb mono. We got our limit shortly thereafter and kept one of the smaller bonita to chunk for bait next time out. Nothing huge, but any yellowtail under 14" went back in the water. All in all a great day and a much needed diversion from the events of the last few days. Tight lines.


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