How's Bimini doing?

Al BundyAl Bundy Posts: 246 Deckhand
Anyone gotten any news from Bimini?


  • BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 436 Deckhand
    As of Friday am, as far as South Island, was told Thirsty Turtle lost roof, winds were 90-100 max, storm hit at low tide so Port Royale canals did not flood, power still out, mostly tree damage. All I have as of 9:40 am...
  • Camocam813Camocam813 Posts: 244 Officer
    Keep us posted! I have been trying to call the Seacrest guys with no answer!
  • biminibradbiminibrad Posts: 373 Deckhand
    Bimini did find thanks to north jog from storm, power lost, landscape damage, no flooding. Power restored to north, working on south now, aiport still closed. Devadtation in nassua, freeport and zero comminication from west end which had direct eye hit.
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