Sept 24 Slow day, short fish

Launched at the Pass @ 7am. Water temp 85.7 and nice and clean.
Out to the beach in search of snook, reds, trout. None of the above came to see me.
Topwaters, jigs, jerk baits, nothing.
Except 40 bazillion jack crevalles! They were schooling and eating EVERYWHERE!
Glass minnows and 1" whitebait were on the menu.
Beach, Morgan River, Blind Pass, South end of Cape Romano. Could not keep them off what I was throwing.

I did manage 6 short mangrove snapper and 8 short trout @ 14".
1 15 inch mackerel and did see many schools of them as well.
Only decent fish of the day was a 19" trout on a jerk bait.
Caught lots of fish, but short was the key word of the day.

On a maint note.....I was able to procure a new head for my Great White trolling motor. Current one runs in reverse constantly. So for $95 and shipping, a Saturday effort is in the works. It seems remove/replacement is 1 screw and 2 wires. Hopefully it'll be that easy and I am back in the game!

Maybe Sunday the fish will have grown 2-3 inches and a few will take a ride back to the ramp with me!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,147 Officer
    Did better then me.....But i have no idea what im doing or where to go LOL.
    Jason :USA
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 540 Officer
    Out on Tues.27th and fishing was ok in the POI area,Small snook,two small reds and lots of small snapper.
    But then we headed to the Gulf.I will tell you there is one very large snook in the Round Key area.
    Caught a small snapper and as I was reeling him in,the reel started peeling off line rapidly.This 40+
    snook jumps out of the water with the snapper in his mouth and then released the snapper.I've
    landed a 44"snook in the past and several 35's and this snook was over 40.
  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    10Kman, I had an experience like that with a small snapper on a jighead. I was reeling it in slow, hoping it would release itself, and as it got close to the boat I saw a GIANT snook shadow following. As soon as I stopped reeling that snook smashed it and ripped the rod out of my hand, fortunately there was a line failure (not a knot failure) and the rod landed in the cockpit. Scared the pee right out of me when that monster grabbed the poor little snapper! I now know that big snook like small snapper:) We fished last Wed, Thurs, and Sat with the same short result. I wonder where they are?:shrug

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