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gsdangsdan Posts: 94 Greenhorn
looking for recommendation on a small, cheap ($200.00/less) fishfinder. I see Lowrance , Humminbird and Garmin all make one . Does anyone have any experience with any of these ? I see that all 3 have a downscan view , Garmin has their CHIRP , I believe some also have sidescan as well. I fish inshore , don't really need GPS s I have Navionics app on my phone that I'm happy with . Thanks


  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 20,403 AG
    Humminbird black and white has worked well for us in shore and near shore.
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  • idlerickidlerick Posts: 229 Deckhand
    All are decent units, none are spectacular in that price range. Sounds like your needs are about like mine - not looking for fish in 5 ft water, just looking for bottom depth and type.
    I've had several Garmins and all were very inaccurate on temperature, if that's important to you, and I suspect it is. I had to calibrate mine, and found they were consistently 4-5 degrees low at 50-70 degrees. Lowrance & HB make good units; just find the features you want and look for a sale. Color is there to justify a higher price in units like this. Side scan can be useful, but it's hard to learn to separate the fish from the noise and waves.
    For Pete's sake, get one that you can turn the fish icon and bottom warning beepers off!!! Nothing worse than some guy pulling up with his sonar beeping constantly.
  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,336 Officer
    Agree on the Garmin temperature. I have a Garmin at the console and a Lowrance on the trolling motor and the Garmin is 2* less. All my friends read what the Lowrance says. The Lowrance and Hummingbird are much better bottom/fish finders than my Garmin.
  • FlecFlec Posts: 571 Officer
    Lowrance for me. I have a small Lowrance Elite sonar/GPS that I got for $150 on black Friday a couple years ago and really like it.
  • MGTeacherMGTeacher South GaPosts: 1,800 Captain
    Lowrance Elite 4 color. Very accurate.
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  • Matt JornMatt Jorn Posts: 221 Officer
    hummingbird. super dependable and affordable without needless frills.
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  • bucagatorbucagator Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    If you have a tablet, you might want to look at Wifish from Raymarine. I just ordered one. It looks like a cheap way to get an 8, 10, or 12 inch sonar/gps that includes mapping.
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 785 Officer
    Right on with bucagator. Combined with the Navionics Boating app it looks juts like a traditional fish finder (plus you can make your own maps) for a whole lot less...
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