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Something A Little Bit Different

We live in a waterfront community with our own marina.

The Harbour (sp is correct!) Committee asked if I could use my drone to make a video showcasing the facilities we have here so that they could put it on the community's recently revamped web site.

I just finished the first draft and sent it off for comment. I am still not smooth when moving the drone from left to right, so need to get better at that. I get too heavy with that paddle.

It is amazing what you can do these days with the standard software on your PC. I do have some specialized software for video development (Cyberlink suite) but decided it wasn't required for this. I just used Movie Maker, and the missus did the voice over.

Comments welcome. It won't be the finished article so any suggestions are welcome!
Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.


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