Mercury 20 hp

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Hope someone can help me here. I am trying to find a part for an old 20hp mercury. This is like for a 1977 model I believe. What I need is the grip assembly on the tiller. any one know where I might find one of these. Trying to get this thing running for my son so any help is appreciated.


  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 20,430 AG
    My 1st call would be Ahoy marine in Sanford Fl
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  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,353 Moderator
    you can check the few big surplus places, MPO, marine connection, ahoy, but chances are its going to take a little more investigating.
    I would find out the mercury part number and any supercede part numbers. The superceded part numbers are common on parts used for multiple models and over multiple years. Using all the different parts numbers individually, do searches on the usual engines. I would start with google, then ebay, and then one of the craigslist aggregate search engines(allows for nationwide search's). When researching your part number, also check to see if your part is part of an assembly. You might get lucky and find the whole assembly, instead of just the one piece.

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  • leadheadleadhead Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    Thanks, I appreciate the info. Ahoy didn't have it and put me on 2 more places. Found one in Minnesota. Was hoping to find an old boneyard or something that had old motors laying around.
  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,353 Moderator
    wow, Mn, good job, that's definately not "just down the street".

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