September inshore redfish action is hot

The last Two weekends I started out my day loading up on big chunky white baits. Then watching the sun come up large schools of mullet pushing around the shallow flats, I have not yet seen the redfish mixed in with the mullet yet the fish I have found in schools have been over slot size fish. If you can manage to find these fish before the rest of the people do they will be schooled up and eating every bait you throw at them. Remember when fishing near or around other boats be courteous and don't drive over to other people just because they are catching fish. They beat you there so keep your distance. If you are going to move in on someone be QUIET so you don't spook the fish. Redfish do not like boat noise even trolling motors are too loud sometimes.
The heavy rains from the last couple of weeks have made the water a bit tea colored so the fish are harder to see. slow down work the edges and deeper cuts you will find you catch more fish. hope this helps you all in some way and here's some pics. don't forget to check out The Tighten The Drag Foundation inshore slam fishing tournament this weekend at hula bay.



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