Yankeetown 9-17 quality vs. quantity

My 8 year old son Jay and I decided at the last minute to go fishing Saturday. I was a bit hesitant since I've never had much luck fishing a full moon during the day, but we were itching to get out on the water. Jim at Captains Cove said that big reds were being caught at Long Point and Short Point so we headed there first. We managed one 24" red and didn't see too many other boats catching anything so we were probably too late. We even saw Marrio make a pit stop but when he left I figured that was a good sign that we should too. We went back inshore and as we moved up to an island I wanted to fish we saw an armada of kayaks heading straight for it so we gave them a wide berth and went to another nearby island. At this point the tide was coming in pretty strong. I see Jay putting on a paddle tail and I STRONGLY suggest that he use live bait as we had a bait well full of shrimp, pinfish and mud minnows and I figured it would increase his chances. But no, he stubbornly insists on using it and then promptly pulls this 29" snook out from under the mangroves on his first cast. Obviously, I've now forever lost any fishing cred I may have ever had with him.

I might also add that the new guy (name escapes me) working at Yankeetown Marina is a a great addition...super nice guy and extremely helpful.


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