Crystal River Redfish Everywhere!

The Redfish are really schooled up right now. Had a blast catching them with Corey yesterday. First time I've ever got tired from catching redfish and left them biting. Hope their still there when I get to go again. We had a hard time catching alot at first being on the opposite side of the bar from the school, so we got snagged alot. There was so many that we still manged catching several on top of the rocks. We had fun watching Marrio and a few other boats hammer them 2, 3, and 4 at a time! They caught a ton of redfish! Once the school moved a little closer to us it was a 30" Red every cast! Caught a couple 21-22" reds early that we release so we spent all day struggling to find a keeper. Got 1 that was 26.99" and a 26" to come home with us. Biggest was 34" maybe I'll try some live bait next time, they seemed to eat anything we threw at them! Ran out of live shrimp so we used rotten frozen shrimp as back up and it didn't change anything. Had so much video to edit, I deleted alot but it's still long.

Go Pro Video "sorry it's extremely long"
c.jpg 100.7K
cc.jpg 93.1K
ccc.jpg 81.4K
red.jpg 94.5K


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