17" Pathfinder makeover

FinelineFineline Posts: 11 Greenhorn
I've got a 17' Pathfinder tunnel hull that needs some updating. It's hull number 68 built in 1998. I believe this is the first year they switched from the aluminum hulls to fiberglass hulls for this model.

I've heard of various issues with these boats from not having stringers or having issues with the stringers, to sagging front decks, and water leakage between the hull and deck cap. This boat (supposedly) had the hull and top cap re-bonded when I purchased it in 2007 by a HMP dealer that is no longer in business. I am wondering if anyone has undergone a complete deck off reconstruction of one of these types of boats and if there are any recommendations for a reputable business to complete the work in the central Florida area.

Thanks in advance for any advise!


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