Marathon, Florida Keys 8/6-9/10

Middle Brother & family filled the first week. We learned the "Lobster Dance" from Panhandler & figured we would do anything to improve our chances :grin

Bugs were a bit tougher this year, but plenty of fun to go around:fishing

Week 2 included both my brothers along with my son in law and 2 friends. Weather was a little bumpy, but we managed to get out every day.

Week 3 was another "guys week" comprised of a bunch of friends from home. Since the bugging wasn't up to previous years, the decision was made to fish the first half of each day & chase bugs till we got tired. Turned out we caught almost as many lobster as when we just chased bugs. Florida bay fishing can be very productive and constant action.

Week 4 was manned by a nephew & his wife, along with some friends from Valdosta and Jacksonville. We continued with the Bay fishing, as we didn't have as many accomplished "buggers" in this crowd. We also had to contend with the tropical system, so it got a little bumpy, but we were able to get out every day but one.

The final week included my youngest brother, his wife & daughter, and my oldest daughter. This crew was interested mostly in Bay fishing, so we only checked a few spots to provide a couple of meals. The ladies were real troopers and we usually had our limit of 12-14" Mangrove snapper as well as some Lane Snapper and Trout to color up the box by around 2:00 every day

Pulled up in my yard about 5: Saturday afternoon and started planning our 2017 Keys Adventure!:fishing
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  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,178 Officer
    Lots of fine catches there! Looks like everyone was having a real good time. I look forward to seeing your Keys Adventure photos every year. Thanks for sharing. Maybe one day I'll get a chance to do a trip like that.

    Livin' the Dream !
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,003 Moderator
    Nice! Some of those trout look real nice for down there this time of year.

    Also looks like some fine fresh fish frys while hanging outv each night.

    Great stuff.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • BeckBeck Posts: 2,332 Captain
    Wow! A month in the Keys....must be hard. That looks like a fantastic time with family and friends on the favorite kind of trip. Thank you for sharing.
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