9-10 Fins, Tuna, Mutton and Tons of Bonita-ChaseNTailz Tourney

We were so glad to participate in the 3rd Annual ChaseNTailz Tourney yesterday, it is a fishing tournament but really is much more than that.

We had high hopes of maybe getting lucky early with a wahoo, cleared the inlet crack of dawn 630 am, seas were ok but a bit choppy at times.

Did some not quite near high speed trolling with some larger hoo lures but all we kept getting were bonita and none of them were that big, just amazed me they were hitting some of the largest lures in my arsenal. Ran all over the ledge when not one boat was there as we got out early but just could not come up with anything, switched my spread to rigged ballys and still kept getting the bonitas and went deeper to near 300 with no takers. Wanted to make sure Mrs. LA got some bottom fishing in as we have not fished offshore Jupiter in awhile and were hoping to at least bring home dinner. We brought along some frozen sardines for bait and I thankfully I brought aboard a nice 20 inch mutton snapper...also caught a barely legal one but released him for good karma and a just shy vermillion. Mrs. LA struggled to find much of anything except some sharks. Still fun to bend some rods and snack on some tasty roast beef and turkey sandwiches.

Back to trolling and I setup a planer with a drone spoon...unfortunately my swivel snapped awhile later and bye bye planer and spoon, that is not happened in awhile so be sure to check out your terminal tackle every now and then.

Decided to try a rattle jet for the shotgun and a few ballys and bonita strip....in about 240 feet a few small mahi hit the spread and was really cool to see some jumps with 2 fish on, a bit frantic but landed them both and kept one, nothing major but thankful once again for some mahi action and meat for our table. Then the familiar zing begins again and the bonita strips were getting nailed by some decent BF Tuna which Mrs. LA brought to the boat...had a bit of a birdsnest but all worked out well. What was really bizarre was after the fish were bled and in the cooler Mrs. LA notices a baby squid on the gunnel...picks it up and puts it on the bait cutting board and it starts moving, still alive after the tuna coughed it up!!!! She puts in in a bucket of water and it releases its ink, just so cool to see!!

Anyway, great day and a lot fun at the post tourney party at Harbourside where Mrs. LA bid up several items for the silent auction and won several nice prizes with her raffle tickets. Fun times for sure for a great cause.

Here is a picture of wonderful tuna seared salad my wife made for lunch...really good stuff.


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