Decentb alligator last night...

Probably the least amount of fishing this summer for me in 20 years. Between regulations, 2 weekends in keys (and book ending that trip with a pair of weekends for prep and tear down / recoup), weather and other random obligations, I just never got out much.

now it's gator tag time. then deer. so, only a couple fish reports this summer from me.

that being said, here's something, and last I heard something is better than nothing.

Worked hard for this little fella. had a great time with brother in law, though . weather and conditions were perfect. lost a real nice one that I snatched hooked not once, but twice! then he eased off into marsh. came back before daylight and tried baiting him. he was there, but no interest and could not get close enough for snatch hook.
"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


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