Late Report - Labor Day Pulley Ridge Trip

Just a quick report on the Yankee Capts Pulley Ridge Deep Drop trip over the holiday weekend. Started out Friday morning with the weather still overcast and threatening rain from Hermine. By the time it was time to leave Stock island the weather was perfect.


The weather was great but the current was ripping so the deep dropping was pretty tough. Greg moved around trying to get out of the current but to no avail. Four pounds of lead was the norm. I fished as high as 6 lbs on one stop. I think I caught a nice red grouper and tile fish on the fish day. It was slow. I also managed to get my finger jammed in the levelwind on my electric reel but that's a whole other story. It heart like hell!


Greg moved up onto the top of the ridge early hoping conditions would be better. There was still plenty of current. The catch was sporadic with a few of the usual suspects , red grouper, scamp, blackfin tuna, caught here and there. There were several Amber Jack caught that had to go back because they are out of season. A large % of the catch on top of the ridge came from bucktail jigs. Guys who stuck with the jigs and kept at it were rewarded. Some guys trolled between spots and again the usual suspects, kingfish, blackfin tuna, bonito, etc. were caught.

The next day was pretty much a repeat of the the first day deep dropping. I ended up with a red grouper, a scamp, a big tile fish and 2 almaco jacks. Not the catch I was hoping for.As I said the guys who were persistent and kept at it ended up with fairly decent catchs.

Snaphappy (Dudley) was happy to share a few of his pictures. He ended up with a good catch of red, black, scamp, snowny, and yellow edge grouper, a few mutton snapper, a couple king fish and blackfin tuna.





Back at the dock. I believe there were 8 totes for the 14 people on board. Most of the fish caught were a nice size but the conditions were really tough.


Thanks to the crew for being there when you needed a gaff ora hand with a tangle. As always Greg moved around and tried to get us on the fish but the conditions were stacked against him.



  • Yeaaa_ChrisYeaaa_Chris Posts: 551 Officer
    Thanks for posting. These pulley ridge reports are my favorite to read. Even when it's slow, the fishing is pretty **** good out there if you stay at the rail.
  • NorthernNorthern Posts: 870 Officer
    It certainly is hard to fish deep when there is lots of current. Some very nice fish came over the rail in spite of the conditions.

    Like the above post, I always enjoy any the reports that come for trips on the Yankee Capts.

    Thank you for your report.
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,464 Captain
    Good report Bob. I have to say, I like reading the PR posts as well as some pics of the catch too.
    Glad the finger tip didn't get severed.

    Pura Vida!
  • FlickerjimFlickerjim Posts: 475 Officer
    Great Report Xaf.. How fast was the troll? We have a 30W for trolling, and a couple yozuri's that will hopefully produce. did you guys use any weight for the troll? Thanks!! We are pumped for the 3 Day Mutton Marathon on the 15th... Rigs to be made, jigs to be bought... weight to be found.. LOL!! We have a crew of 3 going.. I am hoping for an easy current, and some hungry fish!!!
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    Tight Lines and Clear Water
  • jakedgejakedge Posts: 1,303 Officer
    Thanks for the report Bob. I'm booked on the PR trip leaving the 22nd. Fingers crossed!
  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 238 Deckhand
    XAF GOOD UPDATE. Takes some 6-8# just in case if she is honking? Need to drag the bottom silt to get hook-up?
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 850 Officer
    Thanks for the report Bob.

    We headed right back out to Pulley Monday night. By Tuesday at noon we had more fish in the boxes than your trip. At the end we quit early. Everything filled and little ice left. In fact this was one of the best grouper trips I have ever seen in 32 years on the Yankee Capts.

    I saw no change in the conditions from your trip. Funny how things work.


  • XafXaf Posts: 1,007 Officer
    Flickerjim, I'm not one of the guys who trolls between stops so I can't really help you out with details on what set ups they use. Maybe one of the guys who trolls with post the info.

    Greg, just my luck. (Couldn't have anything to do with my angling skills. :) What were the main type of grouper caught? On the deep drop or up on the ridge? See you the 15th.
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,267 Captain
    What a haul Greg.

    Glad you got your fish Bob. It's not always automatic but sounds like you had a good trip.

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  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 238 Deckhand
    Nice to see these hot bites on the ridge. We had a drift that was hot too with lots of 10+ RG. Dig hard.
  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,405 Officer
    Day late and dollar short...something like that. Bite was tough on the LD trip but the fish were great quality. As always I had a great time
  • cameron sleepcameron sleep Posts: 495 Deckhand
    Any day on the Yankee Capts is better than a day anywhere else! Always a great crew. Always great fishermen!
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