Another good day on the Red Sun out of Boca

Cleared before the sun and ran all the way to the 45 line (about 20 off). Passed a lot of slicks but empty.
Start trolling east and at about 22 we get one knockdown, dropped it, hits another bally, drops it and finally on the 3rd a sail comes out of the water. No fences out there. :-)
Released that and kept trolling out. Saw a boat run by us and stop ahead about a mile. We head that way and at about the 41 line we find a slick with a lot of stuff in it...just stuff...but start trolling it N and found a log and tree parts and just more stuff.
We trolled that for 16 miles and ended up w 6 nice fish. Smallest was 8, one 10, one 11, couple 12 and a 17 lb bull

Had 2 doubles and caught one of those, had a triple and got all three. All fish hit ballys w either a sail lure or a small notcho or rattle jet. Gonna hit it again tomorrow.


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